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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The Collective Imagination: with Hope Girl and FTW

Sorry for the delayed post- t'was a busy day, lol!

Yesterday on The Collective Imagination radio show, Lisa, Brian and I talked with HopeGirl from Fix the World.  We had an awesome discussion about the QEG, with lots of updates and information, and talked about what Hope is up to next.  We also talked about the changing paradigm of NOW, and what we all can do to literally CHANGE and lead the way into this new paradigm, and how our actions directly effect the new "Norm".  I think you'll all enjoy this show.


Collective Imagination Oct 21-14

0 Comments 21 October 2014
The CI crew were joined by Hope Girl of Fix The World from FTW’s new headquarters in Morocco.
The discussion included QEG updates, free energy implications, building bridges and shifting paradigms in all areas of our lives.

Sol Grooves to it's own Beat

Well my friends, our beautiful star Sol is once again dancing and grooving to the beat of it's own drum.  Over the course of the past two months, the sun has sorta picked up the pace from what has been a very very quiet solar maxim.  This past two weeks has been an exciting one for sure, with multiple solar events, a rather large CME from a filament ripping off the surface, another large full halo CME last week just as sun spot 2192 began it's rotation from the farside to earth facing positioning.

In the past 3 days we have seen one X Class flare on the 19th, followed by 8 M Class flares over the past 48 hours.  The most powerful one happened last night just before 2am UTC.  All the major and minor flares (multiple C Class flares over the past 3 days as well) have  been brought to us through sun spot 2192, which has developed into a massive spot and is still gathering size, with a complex Beta Gamma Delta configuration.

One of the things that I'm finding intriguing this morning is that the M8.7 flare last night was originally listed as M9 (see the Space weather note below).... and it had all the markings of blasting off a CME- which would be directly Earth facing, yet so far there has been no updates to show a CME.  Interestingly enough, over the past month of flares, there has only been one CME listed in the updates from an M7 flare Oct 2nd, and one CME last week from the far side flare of 2192 on the 14th.

As 2192 is now directly in geomagnetic alignment with Earth, I will be watching with keen interest to see if, like so many other monster sun spots have done over the past two years, it will suddenly go quiet now that it's directly Earth facing.   I will also note that we have a good size Coronal Hole directly Earth facing on the leading edge of spot 2192, and a new sunspot is about to rotate into view from the eastern limb- old spots 2181 & 2182 are making another appearance (and will be given a new numerical designation once they are Earth facing)- 2182 let off 3 M Class flares on Oct 9th on it's last jaunt around, and from the look of the few farside pics, 2181 seems to of grown in size..... could be interesting!

Coronal holes on October 22nd 2014

In other solar based news, we will see- or at least, everyone in North America will see- a partial solar eclipse today, starting around 2pm PDT. 

More solar information:

Oct 19th

Flare of class X1.1 2192 04:17:00 05:03:00 05:48:00

Oct 20th

Flare of class C2.5 2192 00:49:00 00:53:00 00:56:00

Flare of class C2.8 2192 01:58:00 02:01:00 02:04:00

Flare of class C3.2 2192 02:25:00 02:28:00 02:32:00

Flare of class C5.4 2192 03:32:00 03:57:00 04:05:00

Flare of class C9.0 2192 05:37:00 06:02:00 06:09:00

Flare of class M3.9 2192 09:00:00 09:11:00 09:20:00

Flare of class C2.8 2192 11:19:00 11:27:00 11:30:00

Flare of class C2.7 2192 13:58:00 14:08:00 14:11:00

Flare of class C3.1 2192 14:40:00 14:43:00 14:47:00

Flare of class C8.6 2192 14:58:00 15:24:00 15:41:00

Flare of class M4.5 2192 16:00:00 16:37:00 16:55:00

Flare of class C6.2 2192 18:43:00 18:47:00 18:51:00

Flare of class M1.4 2192 18:55:00 19:02:00 19:04:00

Flare of class M1.7 2192 19:53:00 20:04:00 20:13:00

Flare of class M1.2 2192 22:43:00 22:55:00 23:13:00

Oct 21st

Flare of class C4.2 0 02:12:00 02:20:00 02:30:00

Flare of class C5.7 2192 06:05:00 06:14:00 06:21:00

Flare of class C2.9 2192 06:53:00 06:57:00 07:02:00

Flare of class C3.1 2192 08:08:00 08:10:00 08:12:00

Flare of class C6.3 0 10:46:00 10:58:00 11:13:00

Flare of class C4.4 0 12:25:00 12:28:00 12:30:00

Flare of class M1.2 0 13:35:00 13:38:00 13:40:00

Flare of class C4.0 2192 19:03:00 19:10:00 19:16:00

Flare of class C6.5 2192 20:11:00 20:20:00 20:25:00

Flare of class C3.4 2192 21:54:00 22:04:00 22:14:00

Oct 22nd

Flare of class M8.7 2192 01:16:00 01:59:00 02:28:00

Flare of class M2.7 2192 05:11:00 05:17:00 05:21:00

Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2014
What's up in space
On October 23rd there will be a partial eclipse of the Sun. Got clouds? No problem. The event will be broadcast live on the web by the Coca-Cola Science Center.
Solar Eclipse Live
PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE: On Thursday, Oct. 23rd, the Moon will pass in front of the sun, off center, producing a partial solar eclipse visible from almost all of North America. The action begins at approximatey 2 pm PDT. Get the full story from Science@NASA.
LOTS OF SOLAR FLARES: During the past 48 hours, monster sunspot AR2192 has unleashed seven M-class solar flares. The most powerful of the bunch (Oct 22nd at 0159 UT) was an M9-class eruption that almost crossed the threshold into X-territory. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the extreme ultraviolet flash:
UV radiation from the flare ionized Earth's upper atmosphere, causing a brief blackout of HF radio communications on the dayside of Earth (e.g., parts of Asia and Australia). In addition, the explosion might have hurled a CME into space. Confirmation awaits the arrival of coronagraph data from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO). Stay tuned for updates.
More flares are in the offing. AR2192 has an unstable 'beta-gamma-delta' magnetic field that harbors energy for powerful explosions. NOAA forecasters estimate at 65% chance of M-class flares and a 20% chance of X-flares on Oct. 22nd. Solar flare alerts: text, voice


Saturday, 18 October 2014

Dr. Emoto Dies – The Passing of a Legend

The incredible beauty of Dr. Emoto's work will be remembered forever as the opening to a greater understanding of the truth of emotions and consciousness.  I have had a copy of his book "Hidden messages of water" sitting next to me this very moment.... I think I will sit quietly and reread it again today.


Dr. Emoto Dies – The Passing of a Legend

R.I.P Doctor Emoto
When I was probably no more than 12 or 13 years old, my mom showed me a movie I will always remember today as one of the first times I questioned the world. The movie was called “What the Bleep Do We Know?” and as many of you know, it discussed the nature of consciousness from a scientific, but yet very practical and spiritual way. It was the first time I was introduced into quantum physics, and the first time I learned about Dr. Emoto.
emotopassingDr. Masaru Emoto was a world renown scientist that had been visually documenting molecular changes in water by means of his photographic techniques,  and in doing so expanded our concept of Consciousness.  His work has influenced millions, and paved the way for a massive transformation in the evolution of consciousness, quantum physics, and our understanding of reality. His work was legendary.
This morning, Masaru Emoto passed away peacefully with his beloved wife by his side.
Since he became ill in Shanghai, he has received so much love and gratitude from his dear friends of all over the world. He was very encouraged and happy to receive all of the kind messages with love.
His last word was “Arigato”. (“Thank you” in Japanese) The IMH staff said this last word was to you, everybody. He was so grateful for you and thanked you all so very much.
He used to say, “Life is LOVE which is a gift from God and parents, and DEATH is gratitude for going to a new dimension”. So now he is in another dimension and continues to look over us warmly with love and gratitude. We are going to carry on his mission of spreading the power of “love and gratitude”.
emoto-water-crystalMasaru Emoto was born July 22, 1943 and he was a Japanese author and entrepreneur who claimed that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water. Emoto’s conjecture has evolved over the years. Initially, he believed that water could take on the “resonance” of “energy” which was directed at it and that polluted water could be restored through prayer and positive visualization.  In 1986 he established the IHM Corporation in Tokyo. In October of 1992 he received certification from the Open International University as a Doctor of Alternative Medicine. Subsequently he was introduced to the concept of micro cluster water in the US and Magnetic Resonance Analysis technology. The quest thus began to discover the mystery of water. Emoto has stated,
“Water is the mirror that has the ability to show us what we cannot see. It is a blueprint for our reality, which can change with a single, positive thought. All it takes is faith, if you’re open to it.”
Emoto’s book The Hidden Messages of Water was a New York Times best seller. Emoto’s water crystal experiments consist of exposing water in glasses to different words, pictures or music, and then freezing and examining the aesthetics of the resulting crystals with microscopic photography. Emoto makes the claim that water exposed to positive speech or thoughts (intention) will result in “beautiful” crystals being formed when that water is frozen and that negative intention will yield “ugly” frozen crystal formations.
To learn more about it, please check out this video we made about his work here.
Dr. Emoto, we love you. You will be missed <3

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Drowning in the Tidal Wave of Energy: Riding the Surf to BEing

Once again, this has been a week of incredibly intense energetic tidal waves, sweeping in almost non-stop, leaving exhaustion and for many of us, even confusion it their wake.

And once again, I waited to see who would be the first to pop up with an update on this next wave of high energy that has crashed onto our shores.  I had been waiting and checking into Gaias Portal every few hours since sometime Sunday afternoon- KNOWing that the update would happen any moment.....

WELLA!  All three of the sites I have been closely watching posted within hours of each other, and the message was ohhhhhhhhhh so clear and very very perfect in my own experiences of the past 72 hours.

I personally have been through an emotional rollercoaster- dealing with old fears and LOOKING at the past experiences and SEEing them for what they were and what they meant at the time and in the NOW.  There were a few times during the past 48 hours when the words "drowning" were very much on my mind. Drowning in emotions, drowning in fears, drowning in old history.....  I thought deeply on the experiences and tried to look at them "rationally", tried to discern what was MY fear/emotions/reactions, vs what was the emotions/reactions of others around me that I was picking up on.  Usually I am easily able to tell the difference between the internal and external energetics and emotions, but this past weekend I felt as if I was floundering on a piece of driftwood amongst the crashing waves.  No sooner would I work my way though one wave of overwhelming emotion, when a second and third one would hit, leaving me almost breathless, struggling for air.  The days were short in length, and yet L O N G in duration while I rode the wild surf.

Needless to say, yesterday I didn't even think about my computer or checking on anything, lol.  But this morning, there is was, exactly what I was looking for.   Below for you to read are the messages posted last night by Gaia's Portal, Aisha North, and Truthcodes.

Intensities of energetic pulses reaches maximum at this moment

13 Oct gaia_energy1Intensities of energetic pulses reaches maximum at this moment.
Flashes of insight become commonplace among hu-being elements, and are shared rapidly.
Elevation of hu-manity to Hue-manity proceeds rapidly in the current Gaia time period.
Continuations of Light Elements Incomings is enhanced at this moment and results in Grand consciousness expansion.

A short update on the energies
October 13, 2014
by Aisha North

The adjustments that have been undertaken recently will help to bring you all up to par as it were with the continuation of incoming energetic fluctuations, and so, even if some of you will still feel some temporary physical setbacks as the full scope of these energetic encodings enter your being, you will soon find yourself emerging from the fog as it were in every sense of the word. You see, as the ongoing inoculation if you will will continue to increase not only in magnitude but also in velocity, you will also continue to increase your abilities to incorporate them at an ever increasing speed. For now there is no holding back this flow of endless illumination, and so, as you continue to take in more of these energized particles with literally every breath you take, you are also in a continuous flow of expansion and eviction. In other words, as you continue to grow with this flow, you also continue to exhale whatever it is that your body has been holding on to, the detritus to use a familiar word of your former existence, and this will continue to exit your physical vehicle.

This process in itself is not without its interesting side effects as some of you may be able to testify to, for it will at times feel as if you have been running a marathon or moving a mountain during your sleep. And in many ways, this is actually what you have been doing, as you are all doing a formidable work of lightening your load in this way. And so, as day follows night and in the blink of an eye seems to be followed by a new day, this process continues to speed up exponentially, and you can almost be likened to shooting stars now by the amount of debris that glitters in your wake. For if you could see this from our perspective, you would see yourself as a shining pinprick of light gathering speed, while a trail of glimmering stardust shimmers in your wake as you continue to separate yourself fully from your old being.

Again, this process is something that has not been done before, for unlike others going through a similar process of upscaling their energetic vibrational field, you are doing so while fully immersed within a physical body. And so, you are truly the brightest stars on the firmament in every sense of the word, and you are also the ones who have been chosen for this very task by your abilities to fly as high as you are doing. For this is not something that is taken on by chance, but by a divine design, a design that you yourselves have been instrumental in putting together.

So again we say know that all is well, and you are fanning the flames of your booster rockets even as we speak, the better to accelerate your speed even more as this week continues to supply you with even more fuel for your engines, and so, all you have to do, is to allow that old field of dust that is still trailing in your wake to finally let go completely from your field. For even if this evacuation process of the old is beautiful to behold, and the detritus from it can be mesmerizing to observe, it is also of the greatest importance that you do not let yourself fall for the temptation to crane your neck and look behind you too much. For what you need to do, is to focus on the horizon ahead, and the more you continue to look backwards, the more tempestuous your journey will be.

In other words, let yourself fly away from the old and focus your inner vision on what lies ahead, not on those shimmering and alluring glimpses of your past. For they will only serve to slow you down, and remember the incoming shower of sparks will only serve to push you that much harder if you are facing in the wrong direction. So give yourself the leeway you need in order to let bygones be bygones, and set your sight on the uncharted territory that awaits ahead, ready for you to come and reclaim it. For it may seem unfamiliar to you at the moment, but the space that awaits you is more familiar to you than what you can envisage at this time, for it is indeed the primordial sea of energetic potential that beckons ahead, a place you used to know like the back of your hand, and a place that is so eager to welcome you back home into it.

And so, the more you let yourself forget what is trailing in your wake, the sooner it will let go completely from your sphere of influence, and the faster and lighter your journey forwards and upwards will be. So let go, and let the flow of incoming light continue to push you in the back so you can get reunited with that former version of you, the pure one, the all-encompassing one, the one that is devoid of inhibitions, limitations and lies, the ones that is pure and simple light and potential, but this time, it will be all this and it will be held within this familiar container you call your body. And that dear ones, is the goal you are aiming for, and it is within reach for every single one of you, and it is far, far closer than you perhaps think.

Releasing the FEAR of the “unknown”

For many of you at this time it may be a time of utter chaos, as the old 3D earth created constructs begin to dissolve there are no reference points that your human logical mind can reach in this frequency and so the human logical mind goes into a panic.  Many of you may have felt the increase in energies over the past few days especially just on or at the full moon.  At a human conscious waking mind level this may play out with roles and patterns being shown for what they are in TRUTH.  The triggering that is done at a human conscious waking mind level may be intense with very physical symptoms that may appear in various forms.
It is to be noted that in order to allow the flow and the movement of the New Earth energies then you must move from being a “solid” to “melting” to “fluidity”. The “solid” form being the static, solid that the old 3D earth created construct teaches you to be in order to be present and live in human form upon this planet.  As this is released then this form moves to “melting” mode, where the energies begin to flow and movement begins to occur. It is in this movement that your deepest fears will begin to surface as you have been taught to hold tightly on to them and to create from WITHIN them.  As they begin to move to the surface you may begin to believe that they are real and that you must “do” something with them.  All you are required to do is to acknowledge them and then to allow them to flow. Attempting to address them or ignore them will see them begin to be “fed” with the very frequencies that you are trying to allow to release and dissolve.
This is done on ALL levels of your BEing so can be felt on ALL levels and will play out on all levels. Many of you at this time may be tempted to try to hold on to other lifetimes and try to live through these lifetimes by bringing them into your current waking reality. This is not TRUTH and is not supported in the New Earth, only TRUTH is supported and TRUTH JUST IS.  The human race are moving into evolution, they are NOT recreating another reality that exists on any other dimensional level and this must be acknowledged and accepted and released fully.
The dance with other dimensional realities will have you remain in the “loop” of frequency from which this was/is birthed and will see you blind to the loop whilst feeding it.  The “unknown” has been taught to the human race as the “enemy”, to allow SELF to expand is to walk in the unknown and be in TRUST and FAITH of SELF at all moments of all moments, this does not mean that the unknown is indeed unknown for you are creating this at higher levels of your BEing and then allowing the expansion into said movement.
At this time there is much panic in the world, energetically a race that has been kept in isolation and kept in containment has just been handed the keys to the jail cell but much like a prisoner who has been kept caged and has subsequently adjusted to said cage the walk out of the jail cell may feel to be very scary indeed.
A New Earth and a new way of living is birthed through moving into expansion in ways never experienced before, it is not achieved by revisiting other dimensional timelines and trying to replicate something that has already been experienced despite how “comforting” or “secure” this may attempt to make you feel it is further distortion.  THIS is the only waking reality in which the New Earth can be birthed with off planet and inter dimensional distortions seeping into and throughout the old 3D earth created construct it is not  TRUTH to interact with them on any level. They will seek at all times to pull you out of balance and to pull you out of alignment.
At this time you are asked to allow the melting and the subsequent flow of energies through you, around you and within you, noting that at first this may seem overwhelming and may seem to be the very opposite of what your human logical mind wants to happen. ALL JUST IS and ALL IS BY DESIGN.  FLUIDITY has been prevented from being experienced by the human race until this moment and you are asked to BE.  As the outer waking reality begins to move into fluidity you will instinctively know when to move and to shift and to align fully with it.  It may feel as if you have been visited by an emotional storm, any storm has a calm centre and this is the place to BE whilst the storm rages and re-aligns the outer waking reality.  The shifting will be at a speed that you allow and can expand with, attempts at stopping the movement will see you in emotional pain and constriction and is not supported by the New Earth frequencies. By allowing the flow you allow expansion into the “unknown” which then shifts to become the known.
“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

"Ebola" ..... Soooooo transparent!

The "Ebola" scam is reaching epic proportions.  BUT... the truth is so glaringly apparent that people are seriously questioning all the ridiculousness of "their" ever changing story.   I will be posting a few things in the next Transpicuous News Update (currently uploading now.... for the 9th time. *sigh*) and tomorrow I will be recording TN episode 3 and will have more information to share with you in that show as well.

For this moment I will leave you with some articles that I've been reading this past week on this whole "Ebola" idiocy.

Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 11 August 2014
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West African Ebola Outbreak is a Hoax
Make no mistake about it the claim of a West African Ebola outbreak which has made it to the Western world is a fake and a hoax. The photographic evidence does not support the existence of a real outbreak and, rather, demonstrates the degree of the fraud.
What is surely fraudulent is the claim of there are active cases of Ebola in the Western world. This is entirely fake; there are no US cases nor any cases in Europe, whether Eastern or Western.
Nevertheless, this is clearly proven by the video created by Higher Truth Channel. The videographer has done a superb job proving that this is absolutely a fraud:
There is no doubt about it this is a psyops. The Spanish patient is non-existent. That same is true of the US patients. It’s a complete fake. The  evidence from Spain proves it. Fake beyond belief, the whole claim of cases of Ebola being transported to Western countries is a terminal lie.
These are military men. There is no way this could be the case in a real epidemic; there is no need for such a military escort for a mere epidemic case.
It can be seen, as demonstrated below, that the men in the suits are also military, with one of them saluting the ambulance as it pulls up:
The hard evidence, though, is in relationship to the person in the isolation unit. That’s because there is no such person. The unit is empty.
The IV bag is being held outside the unit; that makes no sense. It means the unit is not a truly isolation one, that is it is exposed to the elements. This means that this entire event is being staged.
There is no one there, as is proven by zooming in:
There are clamps inside the unit and various medical devices. However, there is no human in the element, and that fact is absolute.
Now comes the media circus and also the three ring circus of the police cars, motorcycles, and multiple ambulances. There is purportedly only one patient. Yet, there are three ambulances, all in a row?

Here is yet another image, a much clearer one, of the Spanish part of the hoax. Once again, the men in the protective suits are military agents, not medical people. There is no patient in the isolation unit. It is all a filthy lie.
The locals know it is a hoax, as is demonstrated by the following board:
Note how there is the claim that some 300 people have been killed by the government actions against Ebola, not by the disease itself. Corruption, fraud, and criminal activities are noted.
Dr. Kent Brantly (2nd R) speaks with colleagues at the case management center on the campus of ELWA Hospital in Monrovia, Liberia in this undated handout photograph courtesy of Samaritan's Purse. REUTERS-Samaritan's Purse-Handout via Reuters
What about the missionaries? They, too, are a part of the hoax. Their role is being staged, just like the non-existent Spanish patient:

Continue reading HERE

Lets play a game of spot the bullshit and spot the truth:

Just How Serious Is Ebola? Look at its History – The True Story of Ebola in Reston, Virginia

Image Credit:
The “monkey house” in Reston. Image Credit:
Ebola Reston – In October 1989, the community of Reston, Virginia went about their daily lives not realizing that a serious crisis was developing right in their back yards that would not be entirely resolved until March 1990. It was a serious calamity that could have wiped out the entire population. This dire emergency was described twenty years ago by Richard Preston in his non-fiction book, “The Hot Zone.” The “hot zone” refers to an “area that contains lethal, infectious organisms” also dubbed “hot agent,” an “extremely lethal virus, potentially airborne.” (Richard PrestonThe Hot Zone, Random House, New York, 1994, p. 296)
The people in the book are real, two victims’ names have been changed, and the narrative and dialog were masterfully reconstructed from interviews and memories of those who participated in the crises.
Hazelton Research Products, a division of Corning, Inc. was importing and selling lab animals. On October 4, 1989, the monkey house called Reston Primate Quarantine Unit located not far from Leesburg Pike, received a shipment of one hundred crab-eating monkeys (a type of macaque) from the Philippines, caught on the island of Mindanao. Two of the monkeys were dead in their shipping crates. By first of November, 29 of the monkeys were dead, most of them in Room F. The heating and air system had failed so it was assumed the deaths had occurred from ambient conditions. Each night more macaques died. By November 16, a tentative diagnosis was given “simian hemorrhagic fever.”
Thomas Geisbert, an intern at the Institute discovered under his electron microscope the dreaded Ebola virus. Dr. Jahrling tested the virus cultures from the macaques against three known blood serums:
  1. Musoke (test for Marburg virus)
  2. Boniface (test for Ebola Sudan)
  3. Mayinga (test for Ebola Zaire)
The virus cultures glowed brightly against the Mayinga blood serum indicating that the monkeys in the Reston house died of Ebola Zaire strain, the deadliest of all filoviruses (Ebola).
The Institute is short for the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) located at Fort Detrick, Maryland. Its “mission is medical defense” with specialty in “drugs, vaccines, and biocontainment.” The Institute’s Army and civilian personnel were instrumental in the containment of the Ebola Reston virus in a Reston, Virginia monkey holding facility.
To contain the spread of Ebola Reston, the mutated strain of Ebola Zaire, the Army chose the bio-hazard operation of killing all the monkeys, bag them, incinerate their carcasses, and chemically clean and fumigate the building with formaldehyde gas. Their mission was to safeguard the population, euthanize the animals humanely (anesthetic, sedative, and a lethal drug), and gather samples for research from liver and spleen in order to identify the strain and how it traveled. The entire operation was done in biohazard Level 4 suits. To a trained eye, the badly liquefied organs and tissues, the red eyes, frozen faces, and slacking muscles left no doubt that the monkeys died of Ebola. By December 7, 1989, four hundred and fifty monkeys were euthanized, some already very sick and some harboring the virus. (pp. 212-213)
Two monkey handlers got sick, one had a heart attack and another one was sent to the Fairfax Hospital with flu-like symptoms and vomiting. For unknown reasons, although both had been exposed to the Ebola virus, neither had contracted Ebola.
After the three-day decontamination, the building was turned back over from the Army custody to the Hazleton Research Products who bought more macaques from the Philippines from the same source in Manila. By middle January 1990, monkeys in Room C started to die with bloody noses. It was Ebola again from the Philippines, not Africa. The monkeys were destroyed and the company vacated the building.
According to Richard Preston, the disaster in that ‘building was a kind of experiment.’ “Now they would see what Ebola could do naturally in a population of monkeys living in a confined air space, in a kind of city, as it were. The Ebola Reston virus jumped quickly from room to room. … Ebola apparently drifted through the building’s air-handling ducts.” (pp. 251-252)
Strangely, an animal caretaker, “John Coleus,” who was doing a necropsy on a dead monkey, cut his thumb with a bloody scalpel, which is a major exposure to Ebola. Everyone expected him to die, but he never got sick. The virus entered his blood stream. The other two animal caretakers, however, did not cut themselves. The virus entered their bodies through “contact with lungs; everyone at USAMRIID concluded that Ebola can spread through the air.” (p. 254)
Peter Jahrling, who actually “whiffed the Ebola and lived to tell about it,” wondered, “Why is the Zaire stuff hot for humans? Why isn’t the Reston hot for humans, when the strains are so close to each other? The Ebola Reston virus is almost certainly transmitted by some airborne route. Those Hazleton workers who had the virus—I’m pretty sure they got it through the air.” (p. 257)
“Pictures of the lungs of a monkey infected with Ebola Zaire are fogged with Ebola. … You can see Ebola particles clearly in the air spaces of the lung,” said LTC Nancy Jaax, chief of pathology at USAMRIID in 1989, a participant in the Reston biohazard operation. (p. 260)
The four strains of Ebola filoviruses (string viruses) are: Marburg, Ebola Sudan, Ebola Zaire, and Ebola Reston. They are named for the Ebola River, “a tributary of the Congo, or Zaire, River.” The most virulent of the viruses, the Zaire strain first appeared in September 1976 in 55 villages around the Ebola River. The kill rate is 90 percent.


Charles Monet, after traveling to Kitum Cave on Mount Elgon (located between Uganda and Kenya), came down on January 8, 1980 with the Marburg virus and died in a Nairobi hospital on January 15, attended by Dr. Shem Musoke (the Marburg virus test is named after him). Dr. Musoke came down with the Marburg virus nine days later. Dr. Musoke survived with no memory of his ordeal. He became a leading physician at the Nairobi Hospital with Dr. David Silverstein who saved his life and the lives of many others when he persuaded the Kenyan officials to shut down the Nairobi Hospital in order to prevent further infections. Vials of Musoke’s infected blood were sent to labs around the world. “The Marburg in his blood had come from Charles Monet’s black vomit and perhaps originally from Kitum Cave. (pp. 32-33)
In 1987, a Danish boy called “Peter Cardinal” went by car on a summer trip with his family who wanted to show him “the beauty and sweetness of Kenya.” He got sick, turned black-and-blue with little red spots, red eyes, unable to breathe, and died of Marburg in spite of treatment at Nairobi Hospital by Dr. David Silverstein, the same doctor who saved Dr. Musoke’s life. “Peter Cardinal” had visited the same cave Charles Monet did, Kitum Cave on Mount Elgon. (pp. 90-96)
Marburg virus kills 25 percent of patients. Marburg is an African organism but was named after the German town Marburg because the virus erupted there first in 1967 in Behring Works, a producer of vaccines from kidney cells of African green monkeys imported from Uganda. The first reported victim was Klaus F., who fed the monkeys and washed their cages. He became ill on August 8, 1967 and died two weeks later. (p. 26)
Prior to the Klaus F. casualty, in the period of 1962-1965, there were unconfirmed reports of people and monkeys dying with symptoms of bleeding and a “peculiar skin rash” on the slopes of Mount Elgon in Eastern Uganda.
Red eyes, fever, uncontrolled vomiting of black blood, sloughing off intestinal tissues, fulminating liver failure, brain damage, veins bursting, and liquefaction of tissues are some of the horrendous symptoms of Ebola.
Richard Preston said that Marburg has an effect on humans as if they were exposed to radiation – connective tissues, intestines, skin are affected, hair dies at the root, radiation-like burns cause skin to peel off hands, faces, feet, and genitals, blown up or semi-rotten testicles. (p. 27)
Ebola virus is composed of seven different proteins, four of which are completely unknown, their structure and function are a mystery. Ebola is a distant relative of measles, mumps, and rabies, the parainfluenza virus, and the syncytial virus. Ebola attacks the immune system in a similar manner of HIV. (p. 46)

Ebola Zaire

The Mayinga strain of the Ebola Zaire came from a nurse working at a hospital in Zaire, who cared for a Roman Catholic nun who died of Ebola. The young woman’s name was Mayinga N. The nun infected Mayinga when she bled all over her. The twenty-year-old died of Ebola on October 19, 1976. (p. 54)
“No one caught the virus from nurse Mayinga, even though she had been in close contact with at least thirty-seven people and shared a bottle of soda pop with someone, and not even that person became ill.” (p. 89)
How infectious is Ebola Zaire? “Five or ten Ebola-virus particles suspended in a droplet of blood could easily slip through a pinhole in a surgical glove, and that might be enough to start an explosive infection.” (p. 63)
Ebola Zaire kills much of the host while it is still alive. It turns the inside of the body into “digested slime of virus particles,” “the collagen in the body turns to mush, and the underlayers of the skin die and liquefy.” The mouth bleeds, heart bleeds into itself, brain swells with dead blood cells and strokes, eyes fill up with blood, other orifices ooze blood, liver swells, turns yellow, liquefies and cracks. Epileptic convulsions appear in the final stages. (pp. 72-75)
Karl Johnson, one of the discoverers of the Ebola Virus, said to the author, “A virus can be useful to a species by thinning it out.” (p. 83)
Ebola Zaire, twice as lethal as Ebola Sudan, was first mentioned in September 1976 in a region of northern Zaire called Bumba Zone in the vicinity of the Ebola River, but nobody knows who the first victim was.
A school teacher received an injection from the Yambuku Hospital with one of the five hypodermic syringes that were used to give shots to hundreds of people in the outpatient and maternity clinics. This teacher came down with Ebola Zaire a few days later. Nobody knows who the person was who received the shot right before the school teacher. Ebola erupted in 55 villages around the hospital, first in those who received shots and then in family members, particularly women who prepare the dead for burial. (p. 71)

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and this:

The White House
Office of the Press Secretary

Executive Order -- Revised List of Quarantinable Communicable Diseases


- - - - - - -

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including section 264(b) of title 42, United States Code, it is hereby ordered as follows:

Section 1.  Amendment to Executive Order 13295.  Based upon the recommendation of the Secretary of Health and Human Services, in consultation with the Acting Surgeon General, and for the purposes set forth in section 1 of Executive Order 13295 of April 4, 2003, as amended by Executive Order 13375 of April 1, 2005, section 1 of Executive Order 13295 shall be further amended by replacing subsection (b) with the following:

"(b)  Severe acute respiratory syndromes, which are diseases that are associated with fever and signs and symptoms of pneumonia or other respiratory illness, are capable of being transmitted from person to person, and that either are causing, or have the potential to cause, a pandemic, or, upon infection, are highly likely to cause mortality or serious morbidity if not properly controlled.  This subsection does not apply to influenza."

Sec. 2.  General Provisions.  (a)  Nothing in this order shall be construed to impair or otherwise affect:

(i) the authority granted by law to an executive department, agency, or the head thereof; or

(ii) the functions of the Director of the Office of Management and Budget relating to budgetary, administrative, or legislative proposals.

(b)  This order is not intended to, and does not, create any right or benefit, substantive or procedural, enforceable at law or in equity by any party against the United States, its departments, agencies, or entities, its officers, employees, or agents, or any other person.

Executive Order 13295—Revised

List of Quarantinable Communicable


April 4, 2003

By the authority vested in me as President
by the Constitution and the laws of the
United States of America, including section
361(b) of the Public Health Service Act (42
U.S.C. 264(b)), it is hereby ordered as fol-
Section 1.
Based upon the recommenda-
tion of the Secretary of Health and Human
Services (the ‘‘Secretary’’), in consultation
with the Surgeon General, and for the pur-
pose of specifying certain communicable dis-
eases for regulations providing for the appre-
hension, detention, or conditional release of
individuals to prevent the introduction, trans-
mission, or spread of suspected commu-
nicable diseases, the following communicable
diseases are hereby specified pursuant to sec-
tion 361(b) of the Public Health Service Act:
(a) Cholera; Diphtheria; infectious Tu-
berculosis; Plague; Smallpox; Yellow
Fever; and Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers
(Lassa, Marburg, Ebola, Crimean-
Congo, South American, and others
not yet isolated or named).
(b) Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome
(SARS), which is a disease associated
with fever and signs and symptoms of
pneumonia or other respiratory ill-
ness, is transmitted from person to
person predominantly by the aero-
solized or droplet route, and, if spread
in the population, would have severe
public health consequences.
Sec. 2.
The Secretary, in the Secretary’s
discretion, shall determine whether a par-
ticular condition constitutes a communicable
disease of the type specified in section 1 of
this order.

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