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Saturday, 22 November 2014

MIP PERU: Aquaponics with Free Energy


Mission I’m Possible Peru : Numero 2 :Live TV Radio : Aquaponics with Free energy:

Saturday 22nd November 2014. 4PM EST
MIP Peru on The One Network First Show to be Saturday 15th November 2014 at 4PM Peru or 5 PM EST and weekly Following.
MIP Peru on The One Network The Second  Show to be Saturday 22nd November 2014 at 4PM Peru or EST and weekly Following.
This is what THE ONE NETWORK will l0ok like on 1st January 2015.
The One Network will be Live Stream video From MIP Peru’s Own Zoom Room.
This Is the highest Tech out there for Communications Today.
This is a first from MIP Peru, and It is a first for the One Network.
Click to Download the App Prior to the show and Then Come in by clicking back on the Logo at 4PM EST Saturday.
Click on the logo before the show and download the app Then come back to and click on the show to watch live.
Click on the logo before the show and download the app Then come back to and click on the show to watch live.
First we shall be discussing This technology with John Anderson who has masterminded it all and how we will go about the shows in future in readyness For The One Network to Push their own switch and get us all live TV.
Now we shall move to India Irie of ExpandingU Radio Who has been raising some awareness.
India will be telling us all about What Fernando Vossa is doing with Proffessor Searl.
We had the privelidge of speaking to Vossa and Proffessor Searl this week here is the link to the show.
You can listen to that here by clicking on the The Logo .
click on link to go to India Irie speaking with us all with Fernando Vossa and Professor Searl with the Searl Effect Generator.
Ok lets get on with Business And Boy have we got Business to cover.
Heres Your Host on the One Network Click to see The Bio Of Dave Stewart Your Host.
Click Here to see the Bio of Dave Stewart on the One Network.
Click Here to see the Bio of Dave Stewart on the One Network.
Indigo Bay Project Giant Aquaponics In The Holistic Community being built in The Caribbean Island of Sint Maarten.
Will and Eliane Run The Lowlaqndscommunity gardens in the St Martin Island of the Caribbean
Will and Elaine Run The Lowlands community gardens in the St Martin Island of the Caribbean.
Converting This
Ask Will and Dave To tell you about the Pencil Cactus Poisoning story when we first go t to the clearing this site.
Ask Will and Dave To tell you about the Pencil Cactus Poisoning story when we first got to the clearing this site.
To This
WAAAAAAAA Open day July 1st  2014
WAAAAAAAA Open day July 1st 2014
We will be discussing how it is possible to be running this project from Free energy ,
Also Comming up, how all participants of Lowlands Community Gardens and MIP Peru can open source all information Collectively .
Aeroponics and Here is Will Welsh doing what he knows best.
Aeroponics and Here is Will Welsh doing what he knows best.
Now On to the New Giant project in the Caribbean.
Indigo Bay on the Dutchside of the Caribbean Island of Sint Maarten You can clearly see the lakes and here is where Elaine is going to turn that water into Free energy.
Indigo Bay on the Dutchside of the Caribbean Island of Sint Maarten You can clearly see the lakes and here is where Elaine is going to turn that water into Free energy.
Just Like This one.
A Pelton Wheel with Alternator Free Energy from running water.
A Pelton Wheel with Alternator Free Energy from running water.
Here now are the plans of The site .
A Giant 3 storey Edible Office showcase center Building constructed from Sacred Geometry.
A Giant 3 storey Edible Office showcase center Building constructed from Sacred Geometry.
And of course what does the dome look like ?
3 Story Geodesic Edible Office and Wellness Clinic and Conference centre
3 Story Geodesic Edible Office and Wellness Clinic and Conference centre
Welcome to the new paradigm with MIP Peru as they Open Source intelligence with People Like Will and Elaine .
Aeroponics and Here is Will Welsh doing what he knows best.
Aeroponics and Here is Will Welsh doing what he knows best.
MIP HQ Aquaponic Display Showcase unit Progress report.
Now We are Building our own demonstration Real Working Model or our own here in Tarapoto, Peru.
MIP Aquaponics Hydro Ponics and Aeroponic System Complet with Pyramid Seed energiser and Nursury.
MIP Aquaponics Hydro Ponics and Aeroponic System Complet with Pyramid Seed energiser and Nursury.
Lars Goran Frederriksson In MIP HQ Digging out The 2 month old Bokashi.


The ONE NETWORK: BEing a Bridge Builder


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Lisa Harrison, Brian Kelly and Dani Arnold McKenny have built both individual and a collective reputation for asking the hard questions, confronting the status quo, exposing agendas and revealing suppressed information.
As the founding voices of the ONE NETWORK they are continuing to do just that and intend to do so much more.
If bridges of truth are needed to span the gap between Alternative & Mainstream Media, we intend to be that bridge.

Be a bridge builder with us!

The ONE NETWORK has big plans for growth that include;
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“The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” – Malcolm X
Let’s take it back!!
In Lak’esh,
From the ONE NETWORK Team

Please visit the ONE NETWORK to view several more videos on this topic:

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

So Ebola walks into a hair salon.....

Good afternoon my friends!

Sorry I have been silent for a few days.  I've broken my thumb (again, lol)- my right thumb, and apparently my left thumb is too obtuse to learn a simple thing like: how to click the space bar.... so my writing/typing is sorta.... slow.  Hence I've been focused on gathering info for this weeks Transpicuous News Show, instead of writing.

BUT.... this article screamed for me to respond, and I'm taking the gimpy left thumb to task to type out this very quick comment:

.... If this woman that purported was on the "ebola watch list" actually Had "Ebola"..... she would NOT have been out getting her hair done.   People who are sick with the ebola virus do not go out shopping, or dining or to the movies or to get their hair done.  People who actually have "ebola" are sick in bed and incapable of getting up and wandering around New York City.  People who have ebola, do not suddenly start bleeding out their nose and mouth and face and drop dead in the middle of a hair salon without any other previous symptoms  .....


I don't care where this woman supposedly had just returned from.... she does/did not have "ebola".

.... and you'll notice that at no point in any of the articles has the media stated that she had been tested for ebola.

Ebola isn't the only thing that causes people to bleed from their nose and mouth.... and it certainly doesn't cause people to drop dead in the hair salon without a single other symptom. The most common cause of  bleeding from the nose and mouth and face?  Brain trauma or blunt force trauma to the face.

"The remains of a woman who died of an apparent heart attack at a hair salon in Brooklyn will be tested for Ebola...."

Let me tell you what happened:  The woman had a heart attack (that has nothing to do with ebola), fell to the floor and either hit her head so hard that the brain trauma caused an instant cerebral hemorrhage that caused the blood to pour out of her nose and mouth, OR she fell face first and hit her face on the floor or chair or table or sink, and the blunt force trauma caused the profuse bleeding.

I am so sorry for the family of this woman who will now be the centre of media attention due to yet another media false flag circus meant to stir up the public outcry, and perpetuate the "ebola" fear porn.  Please people:  stop drinking the koolaid


Brooklyn Woman On Ebola Monitoring List Drops Dead Bleeding From "Face, Mouth, Nose"

Tyler Durden's picture

Just a week after Dr. Craig Spencer was declared 'Ebola-free', The Daily Mail reports a woman, who had arrived from Guinea 18 days ago (and was on the NYC Ebola monitoring list), dropped dead in a Brooklyn hair salon this afternoon. FDNY sent their Special Operations and Hazmat units but she was declared dead at the scene. Witnesses said she was bleeding from the "face, nose, mouth, everything."

As The Daily Mail reports,
There are new fears of a possible Ebola outbreak in New York City after a woman dropped dead on Tuesday afternoon.

FDNY activated the Special Operations and Hazmat units after the the woman, who had recently traveled from Guinea according to a source on the scene, died at Amy Professional African Hair Braiding in Brooklyn.

He then said he ran in there to find a woman laying on the floor.

When asked what she was bleeding from, Costa said, 'face, nose, mouth, everything.'

Meanwhile, members of FDNY could be seen carefully changing into Hazmat gear outside before heading into the establishment, for what they referred to as a 'fever travel illness.'

At the same time, individuals could be seen walking in and out of Amy Professional African Hair Braidig wearing no protection at all.

It had been reported in October that an FDNY memo instructed all personnel to use more vague terms when discussing Ebola, such as 'fever travel incident.'
According to a source who was on the scene, the incident occurred just after 3:00 in the afternoon, and the woman was pronounced dead on arrival.

As ABC reports, the woman was on the NYC monitoring list...
*  *  *
ABC7 reports further that,
The remains of a woman who died of an apparent heart attack at a hair salon in Brooklyn will be tested for Ebola.

EMS responded to the hair salon on Belmont Avenue in Brownsville around 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

She was declared dead at the scene.

The woman had been on the list of those being monitored for Ebola exposure.

She had recently arrived in the city from Guinea and was one of 350 people on the monitor list.

The New York City Health Department said at last check the woman did not have symptoms and was being monitored because of her travel history.

She had been back in the country for 18 days.

Test results are expected back late Tuesday or early Wednesday.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

The Great CON of Man

This is an excellent set of articles that I highly recommend reading.  Bradley outlines some of the very deepest depths of the CON and the spell of delusion, deception, and deceit  that has been programmed into us and placed upon us.  To understand what has been done, to move forward to shake free of the dream-world matrix in which we have been held, then first we need to unlearn that which we were taught.


The Great CON of Man

10 November 2014
Jean Haines has been posting a series of articles by Bradley Loves called ‘ The Great CON of Man – Esoteric’s, the Supernatural, Magicians, Mind Control, and the New World Order’
This is a highly recommended series, Bradley has done a great job of explaining the intricacies of this complex matrix we live in, touching on many of the subjects we should all be conscious of. He does include some that go into the realm of the fantastical, however that does not make them any less real.
These articles are a great tool to share with others in the educational/awakening journey.
As at to date there are 11 parts to the article and this post will be updated as/when more are published.
Bradley Loves: The Great CON of Man – Esoteric’s, the Supernatural, Magicians, Mind Control, and the New World Order – Part One
Posted on October 26, 2014
The Great “CON” of man is not found within some secret society, or cleverly hidden inside of a
picture, as many would have you believe. Instead, it is the CON that is hidden within just one tiny
word – CONSENT
To explains how this works, notice that “Con” means a negative!
Pro is positive and con is negative. Thus the words: pros and cons.
Following this idea a little more deeply, we get words in the English language like: Contrary,
Contraband, Control, Condescending, Convoluted, Con-man, and finally Consent, standing just
beside its evil twin – Contract.
These words, and many more like them, are all parts of the Great CON of man, which has certainly
led to his downfall. Allow me to explain.
Cosmic Law states that all SOULS when originally created were given complete free will by their
CREATOR. It also states that no created SOUL has more free will than any other created soul.
PRIME CREATOR, the original CREATOR of SOULS, enforces every one of HIS COSMIC LAWS to the letter! Thusly, those who trespass on HIS Cosmic Laws, get “spanked” by the “universal justice system” — in a very unpleasant way. This fact is very well known by those that work with Cosmic Law.
So then, if this is true, how can life on Planet Earth look the way that it does? Surely it seems that there is NO justice here at all. Well, to find out, buckle up your seat belts please…, keep your arms and legs inside this page at all times, and don’t quit reading until you get to the very end!
Two of the most misunderstood words that exist in our entire “world” are: contract, and consent.
They are misunderstood because they do not mean what we think they mean, and they are used in
ways that most could barely fathom.
What if I was to say that these concepts that the words describe, just happen to be the main line
“operating system” of the occult world’s two biggest CONS!
Many enlightened people, myself included, do not really like to use contracts if it can be avoided!
Now WHY would I ever say that? The truth of the matter is quite simple, really. The reason that
enlightened people do not like to use contracts when inter-acting with others is that Contracts are in matter of fact: Magic Spells!
As I pointed out earlier, the word CON, defines a negative. Therefore, a contract, is a negative way
to place restrictions and a “limit” on another living human beings options and choices, shrinking
down their domain of FREE WILL, and then “supernaturally” BINDING them to that limit, by getting a signature from them, which is the “mark” of their consent to that super natural binding!
Let me repeat that. A signature (signet) is the “Mark” of your consent to a supernatural binding!
Your signature is the biblical “mark of the beast”, because it imprisons and enslaves the one who
uses it in a way they don’t understand. (See definition below)
signet. [sig-nit]
1. a small seal, as on a finger ring.
2. a small official seal for legal documents, contracts, etc.
3. an impression made by or as if by a signet.
Most magic spells work on levels that are non-physical. Those men and women that are operating
behind the scenes on the world stage are in truth Practicing Black Occult Magicians!
Some call them the CABAL, and others call them the Illuminati. Whatever they are called, they are
very well trained in such matters and know much about this type of Esoteric knowledge, which was
taught in the mystery schools as a form of dark magic!
Most human beings can not see the elemental level, but the Elementals (invisible beings just outside our frequency range) support language, word communication, and do all sorts of things to hold up the fabric of physical reality which (if one were to understand it deeply) is a MAGNETIC HOLOGRAM!
Within this unseen frequency range there are also very negative beings who are “used” by Dark
Occultists to magically enforce agreements or contracts, so that those that enter them become quite powerless — and more or less enslaved.
So then, there is a super natural side to every contract! Didn’t know that, did you?
As I’ve said, ALL contracts are magic spells and are serious tools of the dark magic masters! The
only real purpose of a contract – the hidden or occult purpose – is to LIMIT and BIND the one who enters into it. Contracts are dark tools because their main purpose besides limiting and binding is to REMOVE FREE WILL, which is a unique and sacred gift of Prime Creator.
Free will is a powerful and mystical STRENGTH. It is like the power of Hercules. It is a healing
salve for any obstacle you bump into and an immediate cure for any misfortune.
Those who HATE Prime Creator, hate his gift of free will. In the Synagogues of SATAN, FREE WILL is the main target of all of their ritualistic machinations.
However, under Cosmic Law, because it was given to YOU, it can NEVER be taken from you —
except IF you willing give it away!
Enter now both CONTRACT, and CONSENT. Two evil twins which make up the dark CON of man!
How could the dark forces ever defeat such a formidable “super being” known as the Infinite and
Immortal SOUL, endowed with the HERCULEAN super power of FREE WILL which is actually a both a shield of protection, and a direct line to the Creator Himself?
This one problem must have kept the Dark Magicians up for many sleepless nights! However, for
anyone who wishes to BIND and TIE UP all of the completely beautiful and loving soul creations –
GODS own children, they must first Defeat and subdue the greatest power there is, FREEWILL.
Fast-forward to where we are today: many mindless and robotic humans are running to sell, sign
away, or give away both their freedoms and FREEWILL, somehow thinking they don’t “need” them. The Dark Wizards are literally giddy with delight. Think, for instance, about all of the men and women lining up to enter the Military today, where they “contract” by signet, and freely “consent” to give up the right to make any decisions for themselves. With FREEWILL seemingly gone, then other people can “order” that soul into battle and even to its physical death. Wow! — that soul just lost everything, including what was a most precious gift – life itself.
So then, those human beings who do sign contracts, enter into a dark and binding magic spell of
their own free will. Thus, Prime Creator, who oversees Cosmic Justice, canNOT punish those who
have cast the spell, or save you from the spell itself, because YOUR free will was not actually taken
from you. YOU GAVE IT AWAY by choice. (It may have been tricked from you, but that is another
issue to discuss a little later.) The main thing to know right now is that by signing any contract, you give consent to being magically bound in a way you never imagined!
Let’s investigate how this works.
In all contracts, (on the elemental level), which is actually a real frequency or vibratory level, there is WORD MAGIC taking place. There are vibrations and symbols used that actually hinder beings
from going against what they agreed to when they entered into the spell/contract.
How many of us realize the sacred geometry of our alphabet? How many of us understand that placing certain words and phrases in a specific order causes sacred geometry to occur? Hands please?
Well you see, you’d need to be a Black Occult Magician to understand this wouldn’t you? But
certainly those elites at the very top of the World’s Control Structure would never use such tricks on the entire population — or would they?
There are many ways to describe this phenom, but those who use it, call it “word magic”, or
“babble” (babel from the ancient Babylon) and the Lawyers who support the “super natural” dark
magic of contracts by working with them, simply call it: Legalese.
It is very doubtful that ANY lawyer can claim that “deep down” they don’t know what’s happening
here. They may write contracts, and they likely negotiate contracts daily.
They KNOW the specific words to use because they’ve been taught how to write contracts and make them “iron clad” and legally impossible to get out of. They KNOW which special words carry double and even triple meanings, and that the arrangement of the words can be both deceptive and confusing to the reader, which is why they use them.
Now, IF the intent of the contract was NOT to bind, limit, and reduce the signer into having no
other choices, why would the words, “I’ve got an Iron clad contract with him” exist? Think about it.
Most Lawyers know in their hearts that certain people will be harmed by entering into a contract
they’ve designed, and they even talk amongst themselves about legalese, but sadly, because they
think this is all normal (they’ve been told that its normal in Law School), they don’t stop to think
that perhaps they are participating in DARK MAGIC, and helping Wizards to perform magic spells
that bind others’ FREEWILL.
Since most Lawyers are many steps removed from the World’s Top Magicians, they don’t really
understand that these tools are for a much darker purpose than they realize. Still, they must feel in
their gut that what they are doing to others with certain contracts is, at times, harmful. Yet, they
simply ignore their conscience when it talks to them, because the money they get paid to assist in
performing MAGIC SPELLS is very tempting. (NOW you understand why Lawyers get paid so well).
All right. Where could the magic of contracts, and the giving away of consent, which suddenly
seems so dastardly, have come from?
It goes way back in history to a time no one remembers. A time when human beings lived freely
before the fall and the great CON of man took hold of the Earth. The truth is, though, that there has always been a dark force of malevolent beings who feed like vampires off of others. Where these beings actually come from is only speculation; however, they live in frequencies WE DO NOT SEE with our own eyes.
Others, who are more attuned, CAN see them, and those who desire their support and service
(DARK MAGICIANS) even make deals with them!
These beings are a parasite of the mind, or a mind “infection”, that first infected reptiles, and used them as hosts or servants in order to create havoc and disharmony, which the parasites then feed off of. These lower emotions are what they use as food.
Next, they began to infect humans, because humans had a far greater range of potential emotions for their use. Those humans who actively worship Satan are deeply infected with this parasite of the mind. Some call the parasite the Archons, or the Shadow Beings, some call them Demons or Flyers, and others Djinn!
Bradley Loves: The Great CON of Man Esoteric’s, the Supernatural, Magicians, Mind Control, and the New World Order – Part Two
Posted on October 27, 2014
A few hundred thousand years ago, Some Reptilian/Human hybrids, known as the Anunnaki, came to the Earth, and gave certain living human beings a special DNA upgrade!
Sadly, they lied to them. It was actually a downgrade, and a process which began to disconnect their natural connection to the Great Cosmic Intelligence. Far later on, after that Cosmic Connection was mostly lost, they then gave those severely limited humans the: Ancient Law of Contracts. A system that we on Earth still use today.
The real purpose of giving them the Law of Contracts was to create a “safety bypass” to get around
Cosmic Law, and make certain they did not take a hit from the Universal Justice System for what
they planned to do next to these severely disconnected humans!
Remember, NO ONE can take your FREEWILL from you…, you must give it up willingly, or those
players who make the mistake of over-stepping Cosmic Law are in very deep doodoo with Prime
Thus, a device (the CONTRACT) is necessary to have in place, in order to both record and to
facilitate all of the billions and trillions of “limits” and “bindings” that unsuspecting individuals are
actually “consenting” to.
Real nice of those Anunnaki, eh?
These Reptilian/Human Hybrids, who were/are Ancient, have been around for millions of years, and they are Masters at MIND CONTROL! They are the “original” Black Magicians, who taught in the mystery schools the art of Dark Magic. As stated, their best magic tool is the “contract”, and it is being used to control all of the people on Earth to this very day.
Getting back to their Master Plan – Why would they absolutely HAVE TO HAVE the contract in
place on the Earth? Well, you see, their goal was and is to ENSLAVE human beings for eternity,
and to keep them both as slave laborers and pets, and finally, to use them as a food source. (Both
physically and energetically).
However this “type” of plan is directly opposed to Cosmic Law. And, opposed to Prime Creator
HIMSELF! If done incorrectly, it means PUNISHMENT of a kind that could barely be described.
So then, what to do?
A long term plan was set up, ( a very long term plan ) in the thousands of years, that would first
“disconnect” a small group of human souls from the Cosmic Intelligence. Then, they would be
freely allowed to breed, and then finally, at the appropriate moment, to either kill off, or buy off,
any other humans living on the Earth who still had a sacred connection to the Cosmic Intelligence.
The after result would be that ANY newly incarnating souls upon the Planet would HAVE to use the “discombobulated” human body to incarnate into, (because there were no others available). This type of body was both limited in its ability to connect to the higher frequency, and was also VERY susceptible to mind control. (Which the Anunnaki were quite good at).
Again, these guys were real fun to hang out with – I’m sure.
Adam, was actually the first man created who (by genetic Alteration) was able to survive the fully
discombobulated human body, as opposed to the partially discombobulated human body, that the
Atlantean’s were using.
His creators, the Reptilian/Human Hybrids, were quite fond of Adam and were glad that he had
survived the process of disconnecting almost all of the DNA strands that made up the normal
Universal Human form. Once his genetic Matrix was established, a mate was made for him using
his own DNA and flesh.
Afterward, many hundreds more were made, and they all lived in the care of the Hybrids who, it
just so happens, had a “god complex” and were quite looking forward to being worshipped and
adored by their new pets.
Sadly, Adam’s mate (after speaking with one of the Genesis Scientists), a Hybrid named Enki, and
whose symbol was the serpent, was told that they had been genetically created, and that their so called gods were not really “gods” at all, (He felt sorry for the humans). She ran immediately to tell this to Adam, and soon the whole group was suddenly not “adoring” their Anunnaki creators any
longer. (I mean, would you?)
So, all of the pets (now that they’re totally ruined) get banished by the main Reptile Hybrid named
Enlil, and are forced out of what was most likely a very advanced civilization, and out into the cold, hard wilderness, to survive on their own. (Not very nice “gods” are they?)
According to Z. Sitchen, the city that they were banished from was named “E.din” (Sumerian
spelling) , and was located at the bottom of current day Iraq.
This final genetic alteration to the current human body form was done AFTER the fall of Atlantis,
sometime between 13,000 years ago, and the beginning of the Sumerian Civilization which started
about 7,000 years ago. So this final (purely genetic) alteration probably occurred (I’m speculating
here) between 9,500 BC to let’s say about 5,000 BC.
There had been many other genetic alterations done to Humans before, (some of they actually
helpful), but none so profound, and none so debilitating as the final one.
Back to the MASTER PLAN of the Black Occult Magicians.
So then, IF they are/were truly going to Enslave the human race for eternity, (and manage to get
away with it) they needed to do it very carefully, and at EVERY STEP of the process, must get the
humans themselves to both ASK FOR, and CONSENT TO, their enslavement. (Thus, Prime Creator, can’t get involved) – (or so they thought).
HMMM, dastardly, I’ll grant you, but that does not sound simple to me.
I mean – who in their “right mind” would would consent to such a thing?
Fast Forward to the present, and look around. The Great CON of man is now in full swing.
If one looks closely, what dark and magical tools, do you see being used by those humans who are
currently running the World?
Contract and Consent!
But the use of both contract and consent goes far deeper, and is far more subtle than most of you
who are reading this could ever have guessed or even imagined. The level of enslavement (mostly
still hidden) is both appalling and breathtaking in its scope. Few, if any, realize how they,
themselves, are aiding and abetting in their own eternal enslavement, by helping the Dark Wizards.
To understand just where the enslavement of mankind stands, we first need to look at the Vatican,
which is one faction of the New World Order.
I was raised in a Catholic tradition…, so let me tell you about the particular magic spells that little children are subjected to in that Church.
Baptism is a magic spell! It is a Coven-ant. The word Coven, refers to witches and warlocks. They
always group in Covens. A coven-ant therefore is an agreement one makes with a Coven.
This particular agreement [Covenant (contract) ], called Baptism, promises the Body, the Mind, and the Soul of a new born child to the Coven, by way of the “Consenting” agreement of the parents.
See the three helpful Definitions below.

COVENANT [kuhv-uh-nuh nt]
1. an agreement, usually formal, between two or more persons to do or not do something specified.
2. Law. an incidental clause in such an agreement.
3. Ecclesiastical. a solemn agreement.
4. The “conditional promises” made to humanity by God, as revealed in Scripture.
5. Law. a formal agreement of legal validity, especially one under seal.
an early English form of action in suits involving sealed contracts.
COVEN [kuhv-uh n, koh-vuh n]
1. an assembly of witches, especially a group of thirteen.
1. a suffix forming adjectives and nouns (pleasant; constant; servant) and productive in English on
this model; -ant, has the general sense of being “characterized by, or serving in the capacity of” that
named by the stem.
So from the Dictionary Definitions above, the word covenant means:
” that which is characterized, or serving in the capacity of a coven “, and is ” an agreement, usually formal, between two or more persons.”
So, then a Covenant, IS by definition of the word Covenant, AND, the words: Coven plus -ant, an
agreement with a Coven.
Another magic spell. At 12, the age of speaking for one’s own self, the church must reaffirm its
magical hold on your soul, or spirit, by re-gaining “Consent” – you have to ask for it – to their
Coven. This must come from you personally, since your parents will soon not be able to speak for
you. So, they “re-Confirm” the agreement ( contract) that your parents originally made, but this
time, they get YOU to “consent” (contract), to the Coven personally. Thus, the word conformation,
or (confirmation).
[What you've just done is "agree" to your own enslavement.]
HMMM, maybe it’s more simple than I earlier thought.
Now, for those of you who will rush to defend the “Church”, and may find fault with these
definitions and say: “…these things described are ‘sacraments’, they are not ‘covenants’.
Okay then, for those people, kindly see this definition below. Skipping all of the purely “religious”
and Dogmatic meanings of the word, and getting down to the basic meaning of it originally, we end
up at the 6th level down definition which is:
sacrament [sak-ruh-muh nt]
1. Skipped
2. Skipped
3. Skipped
4. Skipped
5. Skipped
6. an oath; solemn pledge, or agreement.
Further more, if one gets into the origin of the word, one finds this.
1150-1200; Middle English < Medieval Latin: sacrāmentum – obligation, oath, Late Latin: mystery, rite, equivalent to Latin sacrā (re) to devote + -mentum -men
So, in this case, the word sacrament, originally meant: obligation (debt) or oath around the 1100’s
AD, and only LATER changed to reflect the idea it was a mysterious, or religious rite!
Just to be perfectly clear, whether the operative device is a Sacrament, or a Covenant, these things
are still “agreements” which are: CONTRACTS! And “why” would anyone NEED to make a
contract with Prime Creator?
In Baptism (baph-o-met-ism)
The parents are the ones who promise the child’s soul over to the Church. Thus, they are promising
the child’s eternal soul to a black magic Coven…(unknowingly) of course, which is why those
“archon infected” reptiles and humans, (Annunaki and their minions), who are currently operating
the worlds governmental systems, (and are skilled black magicians) can LEGALLY claim us as
their property!
In this way, free will has not been thwarted, and Prime Creator (Source) can not get involved.
WHY? You gave your consent to being enslaved through CONTRACT.
Now, I’m going to repeat this again. Maybe it will make more sense to you as we go along. These
dastardly beings must…, they literally must, have your consent on record in order to DO
ANYTHING to you. Period.
If you refuse to consent, (by using your FREEWILL) they are dead in the water, and they KNOW
If you’ve ever happened across any of the writings of Judge Dale, a retired Federal Court Judge, he
states quite emphatically that ALL Judges get their Authority from the Vatican, not the USA
Corporate Government.
Here is a link to his e-book, The Great American Adventure.
Judge Dale also states that the Vatican, through a treaty with Britain somewhere in the distant past, acquired all of Britons assets, and future holdings forever, which is why the USA Corporation, falls directly under Vatican control. This control, is naturally not overt, but quite secret and covert! Thus, the Vatican claims to own the whole Earth, and all the people living on it, which includes your bodies and minds, (things they see as tangible)
The only sticky part in their Master Plan of Human Enslavement, is how to get you to give over to
them your SOUL. Which, without your agreement, they can’t get.
At the very top level, according to Judge Dale, all judges know that their power is magical, and that
IF they overstep the boundary line even just a little bit, and do anything to you without your
consent, Prime Creator would immediately have their neck in a sling.
Thus, Judge Dale says in his writings that no one EVER goes to jail without their consent obtained
first. How that consent is gotten from you, is the both the dastardly trick and the spell!

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Friday, 14 November 2014

Transpicuous News Ep “Welcome to the Circus: Big Banks Dog and Pony Show”

Transpicuous News, November 14, 2014. This weeks review of the main stream media news, and delving into the ridiculousness of the global economic and political circus.

Republicans take control of Senate
 the advisory panel. They also warned that the expansion would threaten the Fourth Amendment's strict limitations on government search and seizures, and allow the FBI to violate the sovereignty of foreign countries.

Big companies disclose too little on operations abroad: watchdog
 The world's biggest companies disclose little or no financial details about their operations abroad, according to a report by Transparency International, which singled out Chinese companies but pointed to U.S. tech giants like Amazon (AMZN.O) and Google (GOOGL.O) as well....Warren Buffet's conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway (BRKa.N) was ranked the sixth least transparent multinational,....
Transparency said the world's biggest oil, gas and mining companies were not yet ready for transparency rules that would enter into force across the European Union from July 2015.
Those regulations require extractive companies to report payments such as taxes to governments on a country-by-country and project-by-project basis. In the United States, similar measures are planned, but implementation has been delayed.

Canada's Head Central Banker Has A Modest Proposal: "You Should Consider Working For Free"
How bad are things in Canada’s job market? Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz says bad enough for young people to consider working for free.
Adult children stuck in their parents’ basements because they can’t find adequate employment should take unpaid work to bolster résumés as they wait for the recovery to take hold, Poloz said Monday in Toronto.
The Bank of Canada estimates about 200,000 young people want to work or work more, and Poloz said they may be scarred by prolonged unemployment that prevents them from moving out on their own. He said he’s been asked for advice on how young people can find work.

Chinese, Canadian central banks agree to 200 bln yuan currency swap

Canada police deploy facial recognition tech

Pssst!  They've been doing this for years!  The change is that they are now doing it "in house"  instead of having the US do it for them.

Parliament to debate ‘money creation’, first time in 170 years
 “most MPs lack a sufficient understanding of money creation, leaving them ill-equipped to legislate on important policy.”

New Economics Foundation senior economist James Meadway said the last time the issue of money creation was debated in parliament was in 1844, where politicians “stopped banks issuing their own currencies,” leading to an economic crash three years later.
“The crash of 2008 drummed home the point that we cannot just leave the institutions that look after our money to their own devices. How banks operate, and how money is created and supplied by them, are so central to the economy – but so dysfunctional – that widening public debate and discussion of the money system has to be a good thing,” he said.
“That said, the last time Parliament debated money creation, it managed to come to entirely the wrong answer – following conventional economic theory at the time, Robert Peel's Bank Charter Act in 1844 stopped banks issuing their own currency.
“When a banking crisis erupted anyway in 1847, the Act had to be suspended to allow the system to continue functioning at all.”

First world war 100 years on
UK bonds that financed first world war to be redeemed 100 years later
The UK government is to repay part of the nation’s first world war debt – 100 years since the start of the war.
As Europe marks the centenary of the Great War, the Treasury said it would pay off £218m from a 4% consolidated loan next February, as part of a redemption of bonds stretching as far back as the 18th century.

In addition to the war bonds, some of the debt being repaid dates as far back as the eighteenth century. In 1853, William Gladstone, then chancellor, consolidated the capital stock of the South Sea Company which had collapsed in the infamous South Sea Bubble financial crisis of 1720. And in 1888, then chancellor, George Goschen, converted bonds first issued in 1752 which were later used to finance the Napoleonic and Crimean wars, the Slavery Abolition Act (1835) and the Irish Distress Loan (1847).

$3.8bn in UK aid for developing states 'routed through tax havens'
Over two-thirds of investments by the private-sector wing of the UK's foreign aid program were funneled through tax havens in 2013, a report reveals. Since 2000, the UK government
The network is comprised of 48 NGOs from 18 different EU states that campaign on development, tax justice, and other financial issues.
The research reveals how billions of euros, supposedly intended for projects in developing states, are being channeled through tax havens that are “shrouded in secrecy.”

Cayman Islands premier McKeeva Bush arrested

BREAKING: 51 arrested in raids across Spain in massive anti-corruption crackdown

Exclusive - Central bankers to challenge Draghi on ECB leadership style

ECB's new watchdog takes over EU banks supervision

... which is basically puttting the cat in charge of guarding the cat nip.  seirously.

€9bn wasted: EU fails own budget audit after misspending ‘errors’

which put me in mind of  the movie Independence Day, when julius says to the President:   "You don't actually think they spend $20,000 on a hammer, $30,000 on a toilet seat, do you?"

It Begins: German Bank 'Charging' Negative Interest To Its Retail Customers


New Currency Wars Cometh - Gold To Be “Last Man Standing”

Now ISIS wants to introduce its own currency: Plans to bring back solid gold and silver dinar coins announced in Iraqi mosques

The Council Of Foreign Relations Apologizes For The "Greenspan Glitch"

"Last week, we brought to the public's attention a controversial 'missing' section from the official transcript of Alan Greenspan's interview last with the Council of Foreign Relations where he dared utter his honest opinion that, "Gold is a currency. It is still, by all evidence, a premier currency. No fiat currency, including the dollar, can match it." Well, it turns out the reason for the practically heterical section's omission was "a glitch in the live stream" and CFR has apologized and posted the full transcript. Interesting coincidence that this gold-loving, Bernanke-denying section was the only one to be hit by the 'glitch'; we are confident it's mere coincidence..."

Because Nothing Says "Best Execution" Like Dumping $1.5 Billion In Gold Futures At 0030ET
"For the 5th day in a row, "someone" has decided that 0030ET would be an appropriate time ... to be dumping large amounts of precious metals positions via the futures market. Tonight, with over 13,000 contracts being flushed through Gold - amounting to over $1.5 billion notional, gold prices tumbled $20 to $1151 (its lowest level since April 2010). Silver is well through $16 and back at Feb 2010 lows. The USDollar is also surging. The timing of the dump is right as Japanese trading breaks for lunch

Gold prices swoon, coin sales surge as buyers seek bargains
"A sharp break in gold prices to their lowest levels in more than four years has unleashed a surge in demand for coins, with buyers in Germany queueing out the door and some U.S. investors returning to the market for the first time in years.
Coin dealers and mints from North America to Europe are reporting a surge in coins and small bars that are favored by retail investors, after spot gold on Friday broke below a key technical support at $1,180 an ounce. It was the biggest buying binge since April 2013, when prices fell by $200 in two days.


Nigerian Banks’ Depressed Prices Attract Bargain-Hunters

Bank Of America Finds It Did Some More Crime In Q3, Revises Previously Released Earnings Lower By $400 Million

The $9 Billion Witness: Meet JPMorgan Chase's Worst Nightmare

JPMorgan Faces U.S. Criminal Probe Into Currency Trading

Virginia Sues 13 Banks for $1.15 Billion Alleging Fraud

Libor Fixing

Forex-Rigging Fines Could Hit $41 Billion Globally: Citi

U.S. Prosecutor Masterminded $37 Billion Bank Penalty Win

UBS Adds $2Bn to Its Litigation Warchest as Regulators Sharpen Their Sabres - See more at:

Too Big to Tax: Settlements Are Tax Write-Offs for Banks

Homework Reading:

The Big Banks: Fraud, LIBOR, FOREX, Money Laundering, Ponzi schemes.....

The Last Gasp Of The Global Economy

QE for Dummies
Understanding the most outlandish monetary experiment ever

No Tax Write-Offs for Wall Street Wrongdoing

The Corporate Research Project

Crimes, Fines, and Abuses by the World’s Top Corporations
compiled for The Transnational Institute’s State of
Power 2014

A List of the Biggest Bank Settlements

Mission I’m Possible Numero 1. ON The One Network as MIPPERU.

Mission I’m Possible Numero 1. ON The One Network as MIPPERU.

WE”RE BACK we encourage open dialogue and we are focusing on the Clean up of the Amazonia, on THE ONE NETWORK.
MIPPERU Show Numero Uno.
Every Saturday But starting on The 15th November at 4PM EST.
Welcome to the show and click on the link to listen live.
MIP Peru on The One Network First Show to be Saturday 15th November 2014 at 4PM Peru or 5 PM EST and weekly Following.
MIP Peru on The One Network First Show to be Saturday 15th November 2014 at 4PM EST and weekly Following.
MISSION I’m Possible Live from the new studio in Tarapoto in the San Martin District of Amazonia, Peru.
With John Anderson, Dave Stewart and Cary Ellis,  Karl Moltzan, Paul Exhall and panel of guests in The Zoom room.
We welcome your comments and interaction in the discussion of designing and building this giant project of consciousness and reforestation.
We shall be discussing Cary’s New Book 21st Centuary Super Human and Her work in Peru with The Peruvian Scrolls and trying to explain a New paradigm way of thinking that will ultimately lead to our invention of a new Paradigm way of Funding the San Roque De Cumbaza Project of Total Self sustainability  and Permaculture.
After 8 months of being on voluntary expedition in the jungle and getting to grips with the understanding of The Quechuan People by speaking with their presidents and Mayors and communities, we have offered up an alternative Project of total self sustainability and Permaculture which will Lead to the Amazonia Clean up of rivers towns and jungle.
Some love missing in the recycling center in San Roque
Some love missing in the recycling center in San Roque
This Project is 4 square miles of Forest in and around San Roque De Cumbaza 20 kms north of The City of Tarapoto in the San Martin District of Peru. In combining both ancient and new technologies we have offered an alternative way of operating human interaction within our motherland.
Linking Aquaponics and A full complete Recycling Center of Plastic, Metal and Organic waste Plus converting human and animal waste into Gas and Soil manure, this entire process has the potential  to convert the waste in to organic food for the villagers.
The Large but mainly Peaceful River we so enjoy in Peru Rio Cumbaza At San Roque
The Large but mainly Peaceful River we so enjoy in Peru Rio Cumbaza At San Roque
This is the area in Question at San Roque De Cumbaza
This is the area in Question at San Roque De Cumbaza
This in turn leaves the need out for the villagers to go farming for Cafe in the jungle and we can then set about the repair of the damaged jungle which can be part of a 5 year restoration project all the way up to the Quebrada 5 kms away.
This is where the villagers get their water from.   Peru is water rich we have found and ultimatley can have Micro Hydro power in the project after prepareing access to the Quebrada by using the vast natural rocks that the Rio Cumbaza delivers free each day.
Mayor of San Roque de Cumbaza Ceter right  with Heidy, Claudia and Patricia Right and Dave and Martin with locals left.
Mayor of San Roque de Cumbaza Center right with Heidi, Claudia and Patricia Right and Dave and Martin with locals left.
New and holistic approach to Building techniques.
We are responding to the villagers requests for open sourcing our technologies and It is our visionj that one of the villagers or a group of them will take full control of this project in order for us to be releived to extend the clean up of the rivers and Soil in the region until we get to the City of Tarapoto.
How do we intend to reforest this devistating deforestation of 8 Acres?
How do we intend to reforest this devistating deforestation of 8 Acres?
The rivers are like Veins of the Amazonia and cleansing them using ancient Bio Char technology and More modern Day Effective Micro organisms technologies will make these areas Totally self sustainable and will have a knock on effect through out Amazonia.
Bio-Char was used in the Building and farming of Machhu Picchu and it lays looking as good to day as it did do when it was built all those years ago
Bio-Char was used in the Building and farming of Machhu Picchu and it lays looking as good to day as it did do when it was built all those years ago

Continue reading HERE

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The Last Gasp Of The Global Economy

Sorry my friends... I thought I had reposted this out from Transpicuous News when I published it last week..... apparently the internet fooled me again, lol.


The Last Gasp Of The Global Economy

Brandon Smith of Alt Market summarizes the current global financial situation with a clarity and conciseness that is hugely lacking in the world of financial rose-coloured-glasses wearers.  The desperate trumpeting of the Main Scream Media contains a definitive shrill tone of panic that belies their plastic smiles as they try to convince the public that all is just wonderful in the world of "finance".  Anyone with even the slightest capability of rational thought can read the headlines and listen to the financial reports and KNOW that all is NOT right in the global economy and that the MSM are absolutely lying through their teeth.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is either working for "them", or completely brain dead.

....just sayin.

We Have Just Witnessed The Last Gasp Of The Global Economy

It is difficult to find the motivation to write about the state of the global economy these days, if only because there is not much left to say. I feel like I am composing multiple obituaries for the same long dead corpse. Most of the Liberty Movement and I suspect a small portion of the mainstream market understand that there is no tangible or legitimate recovery, let alone a stable fiscal ladder to rest our feet upon. There is literally nothing left to the financial system but rigged statistics, false promises, and ever expanding debt. In fact, the concept of debt creation is the only thing holding our facade of an economy together.
You and I probably find this rather strange. We come from a long forgotten school of economics, in which demand, supply, and savings actually mean something in terms of our fiscal health. I have come across many mainstream economic acolytes and cultists in recent months who disregard ALL logic and reason, forsaking the realities of demand based trade and immersing themselves in a grand delusion in which central bank generated debt and inflation are the real source of “prosperity”. I feel sorry for them in a way, because the truth is right in front of their faces, and yet, they will never see it, not until they are buried alive in it.
Nothing makes this problem more apparent than the behavior of equities in the past month.
Stocks are, of course, a sham of the highest magnitude, but they do still say something about the greater truth behind our financial condition. The fact that many market traders clearly KNOW that it's all a farce, and are actually banking and betting on the scam, tells me exactly how close we are to the end of the line. The recent near 10% drop in the Dow at the beginning of Fall must have certainly been a shock for the day trading community as well as mainstream pundits. The assumption for the past few years has been that central bank stimulus guarantees a constantly growing bull market, and to experience a considerable decline in equities even while QE was still in action was at least a noticeable wake up call.
I suspect that this decline in markets was not necessarily planned by the central banks, and was a stumble in their scheme to keep stocks elevated until after the QE taper had settled. It was also a stumble I expected a little earlier, around the end of Summer to be exact. Since the drop, central banks and the mainstream media have reacted forcefully to manipulate public perception as well as investor optimism, but this cannot go on for much longer.
In almost every instance of market decline, financial news group Reuters has injected false rumors of more stimulus from the European Central Bank. This was also the case in October as markets began to crash. These rumors were later dashed by the Financial Times, but not before the mere mention of more fiat stimulus from any central bank sent stocks soaring yet again.
This also occurred when middle management Federal Reserve member John Williams hinted in interviews of the possibility of “QE4” if the economy began to show signs of regression. Williams, of course, has no say in the decision to reintroduce QE, but this did not matter to investors, who immediately latched onto the meaningless news like anxious children, and threw their money back into stocks again.
And, most recently, Japan's central bank announced a sudden and surprising re-ignition of stimulus measures to the tune of 80 Trillion Yen a year. This announcement, once again, sent global stocks skyrocketing, even though it was a stark admission by Japan's financial elite that all their inflationary printing efforts for the past several years have failed miserably.  As I have warned in the past, when bad news becomes good news because bad news promises more central bank intervention, the economy is truly on the verge of a reckoning.
Hopefully, we can all see the trend taking place here. With the end of the Federal Reserve taper now complete, and questions circling as to when interest rates will be raised, a market volatility not seen since 2008-2009 is returning. The ONLY measure that has slowed the crash is the use of false news stories hinting at further stimulus, as well as futile efforts by other central banks to pick up where the Federal Reserve left off. This shows that the investment world is so thoroughly addicted to QE that even the mere hint of another small fix of their favorite drug is enough to get them out of bed and excited. They know that the entire system is rigged by central banks, and they don't care. In fact, they revel in it. The only goal of your average day trader now is to profit on the scam for as long as humanly possible, even though the ultimate conclusion of the scam will mean the utter destruction of their profits and the end of their way of life.
I hate to use a cinema analogy for a very real threat, but investors today remind me of Joe Pantoliano's character in 'The Matrix'; the guy who is fully aware that the Matrix is an illusion, but wants to experience the pleasure of the illusion all the same. So much so that he doesn't mind being exploited like a slave by the system, and is willing to sacrifice all measure of truth and even the future just to get a taste of the fantasy again.
But what is the reality that the central banks are trying to hide, and why? This I have written about in detail on literally hundreds of occasions, so I will only cover the very latest news briefly here, and why I think the overall dynamic is about to change for the worse.
Global exports, and thus consumer demand, are plunging. Germany, the only pillar left to prop up the failing European Union, has experienced a severe decline in exports not seen since 2009.
China, the largest exporter and importer in the world, and Chinese companies, have been caught in a number of instances using fraudulent invoices to artificially inflate their own export numbers, in some cases reporting 50% more exported goods than had actually existed.
China's manufacturing has also declined for the past five months, exposing the nature of its inflated export stats and indicating a global slowdown.
The Baltic Dry Index, a measure of global shipping rates for raw goods, and thus a measure of demand for shipping, continues to drag along near historic lows.
The U.S. consumer (the only economic asset the U.S. has besides the dollar's world reserve status), has seen declines in spending as well as wages.
In the meantime, long term jobless Americans continue to fall off welfare rolls by the millions, making unemployment numbers look good, but the overall future picture look terrible as participation rates dissolve into the ether of government statistics.
How is such poverty being hidden? Foodstamps. Plain and simple. Nearly 50 million Americans now subsist on food stamp programs today, and this number shows no signs of dropping. In states like Illinois, two people sign up for food assistance for every citizen that happens to find a job.
But this is all rudimentary. Most analysts in the Liberty Movement agree that our fiscal structure is on the edge of collapse; what they tend to bicker about is HOW and WHEN the structure will collapse.
Guessing market declines has been extremely difficult in the midst of a fiat soaked fiscal environment.  Nothing is ever quite what it seems.  My predictions of a 10% drop by the end of Summer were off by three weeks. Because of the nature of QE stimulus manipulation of the Dow, our only real guide has been the timeline of the Fed taper, and the fact that major banks have been relying on fed fiat to continually cycle capital into equities through the use of low interest loans to corporations and the stock buyback scam. Company buybacks have given steady boosts to the markets at least since 2008, and many corporations are using up to 50% of their “profits” just to continue buying their own stocks.
This strategy, however, is reaching a point of diminishing returns as many companies are issuing too much debt in the process. IBM is a perfect example of a company that has hit the ceiling on stock buybacks.  This odd coordinated attempt by corporations and central banks to keep markets propped up even as companies sacrifice whatever debt stability they had left indicates a state of collusion between such institutions that goes far beyond the mere idea of "mutually assured greed".  Since at least 2008, there has indeed been a "conspiracy" amongst banks and international companies to generate a massive stock bubble designed to keep the masses calm and placated.  However, these groups understand, better than many give them credit for, that such measures will have to end, or be revealed.
With the taper finished and QE money drying up, it is important to ask a few questions. For example, how are companies going to continue to accumulate capital to dump into their own stocks if fed money is becoming scarce and consumer spending is in decline? And, if they can't continue stock buybacks because of a lack of funds or an overburden of debt, how are equities markets going to stay afloat?
And what about government debt? As it stands now, foreign interest in U.S. treasury bonds is waning. The vast majority of new bonds sold are short term. Until now, the Fed has been the primary buyer of long term debt, snapping up 10 year bonds from the market while other investors lose confidence in America's ability to pay off liabilities in the future. Now that QE is over, who is going to buy the ever expanding U.S. government debt? I aimed this question recently at a Fed cultist and his response was “Well...obviously somebody will buy it...”, though he couldn't specify.
The spike in short term debt purchases after the end of QE3 was also predictable, but it can only be sustained IF stocks begin to fall considerably yet again.  Think about it; interest in U.S. debt has been on the decline for years, not just because foreign banks are shifting away from the dollar, but also because stocks have been a much more attractive investment with greater returns guaranteed by Fed QE.  The taper announces a violent change in circumstances.  The only way for interest in U.S. debt to be energized, even for a short time, is for stocks to crash, leaving bonds as the only safe haven left.  I discussed this development in detail in my article 'The Final Swindle Of Private American Wealth Has Begun' at the beginning of this year.  All other investment avenues seem to be in decline, from foreign markets and forex, to commodities like oil.  Even gold and silver have taken a hit.  For the average investor, if a route in stocks occurs, they will immediately jump into bonds.  This plays into my theory on the coming financial end game, which I will be discussing in my next article.
Investor's are counting on an eventual QE4, but I think this might also be wishful thinking.
At the end of 2013, I predicted the Fed would indeed follow through with the taper of QE3, and that they would drastically reduce stimulus measures. I believe this is in preparation for a major implosion of U.S. markets in particular. The whole point of the taper is to support the illusion that the U.S. economy has recovered, and that the Fed has “accomplished its mission”. When a crash does take place, I think it will be ALLOWED to move freely and that new QE intervention will not be taken.  I have no doubt this crash will be blamed on an outside force or act of fate (the ebola outbreak, which is doubling in cases every three weeks, is a perfect possible catalyst), and that banks will be absolved of all blame in the mainstream.

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